Jingle Litter One

Jingle whelped her litter of 6 on January 9th. Sadly, even with calls and reassurance from the reproductive vet that nothing was amiss, the two last pups were born dead. Jingle had started into labor and it was three hours latter that the first pup was born. Just enough time for the last two to get in distress and pass on. I tried in vain to save the 5th pup to no avail. I was so distraught and upset. The 6th pup was also dead and appeared to have passed on at the same time the 5th one died. They are buried at my friend Cynthia's home in Flower Mound TX (where the pups were born) next to her garden angel. In the almost 45 years I have been in dogs,40 something as a breeder, in over 20 litters, I have lost a total of 6 puppies that I have whelped. However the remaining four are in great shape, doing well and thriving.

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Watch Us Grow!

          Jingle 60 days pregnant                               Jingle Last Rest Stop Before Dallas             Jingle in the Whelping Box, Anytime Now

Two Days Old
Puppy One, Blue Collar Male     Puppy Two, Green Collar Male     Puppy Three, Female Pup     Puppy Four, Red Collar Male

Jingle Nursing Puppies                      Jingle's Puppies Walking at 2 Weeks

Black Boy                              Blue Boy                             Girl                             Pink Boy

The pups now have different colored collars. The Pupcolors caused chafing on the pups. The Blue Boy is now Light Blue, and Green Boy is now Black, and the Red Boy is now Pink. These are the fattest pups I have ever seen! At two weeks, all but Pink were 46-50ozs! Pink still is behind (but Very Healthy) at 42oz. They are now starting to explore their world, and we will start weaning them to raw in a few days.

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